About Us

Greetings, visitors and lovers of London! My name is David Badia, and I am the founder and SEO consultant (You can view my LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidbc/ and my professional website: https://consultorseo.cat/) behind Guide of London, a space dedicated to connecting people with the very best that London has to offer. With a passion for excellence and an eye for the authentic, I have crafted this platform to highlight businesses and experiences that not only meet but exceed expectations.

My London story

London is not just a place on the map for me; it’s a constant source of inspiration. My journey began nine ago, when I immersed myself in the vibrant melting pot of cultures, histories, and innovations that is this city. From the hustle of Camden Market to the serenity of Kew Gardens, every corner of London tells a story, and every business reflects the passion of those who have built it.

A passion for excellence

As an SEO consultant with 12 of experience, I’ve seen how an online presence can transform businesses of all sizes. But I’ve also noticed that it’s often the companies with the best customer ratings that truly deserve to be discovered. That’s why Guide of London is not just a directory; it’s a hallmark of quality, a promise that every business you find here has been recognised for excellence by those who matter most: their customers.

Commitment to the community

Guide of London is born out of a commitment to the London community. I want you to find the best coffee or the most charming bookstore, but I also want you to feel the city’s pulse through its most beloved businesses. Therefore, each company listed in our directory has been carefully selected based on positive Google Business Profile ratings, ensuring that only the best of the best reach you.

Beyond the directory

But we don’t stop there. London is an ever-evolving narrative, and Guide of London is committed to being your guide through its rich history and culture. Through our blog, we’ll explore curiosities, events, and the historical richness that make London one of the world’s most fascinating cities. From in-depth articles to quick guides and tips, our content is designed to enrich your experience and knowledge of this great city.

Invitation to connect

Your voice is essential on this journey. Guide of London is more than a platform; it’s a community. I invite you to join us, whether by sharing your experiences, recommending your favourite businesses, or simply enjoying the content we’ve lovingly prepared for you.

As a Londoner at heart and an SEO specialist, my mission is simple: to ensure that when you search for the best of London, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Thank you for visiting Guide of London. I am here to serve you, to celebrate this city we love, and to ensure that every recommendation you make or find here is worthy of London’s greatness.


If, while browsing our website, you’ve thought the design might be the work of a 16th-century cartographer attempting to sketch the New World, allow me to extend an apology with a grin. As an SEO consultant, my talent shines in elevating London’s stellar businesses to the pinnacle of search results, not so much in the subtleties of web design.

So, while our page may not win the “Design of the Year” award, I assure you that every pixel is placed with the same care that a Kew Gardens gardener bestows upon their rose bushes. And just like London, our website is a constant work in progress, always improving and evolving.

Thank you for your patience and sense of humor. Enjoy discovering the best of London, even if it means navigating through a labyrinth of SEO creativity.