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Welcome to the heart of London, where historical grandeur meets cutting-edge dermatological care. In this bustling metropolis, renowned for its majestic landmarks like the Tower of London and the modernist Shard, lies a hidden gem – an online directory of the finest dermatologists in the city. This exclusive list is not just about finding a skin expert; it’s about discovering a haven of superior customer service and unparalleled quality of care.

Why settle for ordinary when you can access the extraordinary? Each clinic in our directory is a testament to London’s high standards, selected based on outstanding Google My Business reviews. Imagine walking through the serene gardens of Regent’s Park, feeling confident in the skin you’re in, thanks to the expertise of London’s best.

Our directory is more than a list; it’s a journey through London’s elite skin care offerings. From rejuvenating facials near the historic Westminster Abbey to advanced laser treatments in the shadow of the iconic London Eye, the services are as diverse as the city itself. Each clinic is a beacon of hope for those seeking not just treatment, but transformation.

Stay tuned as we unveil more about these top-tier dermatological services, where every client’s journey is as important as the destination. Discover the secret to flawless skin, right here in the heart of London.

List of the best dermatologist in London

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic

Experts in the treatment of skin disease
Address: 35 Devonshire Pl, London W1G 6JP
Phone: 020 3322 7852
The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic in London is a leading choice for skin care, boasting an elite network of qualified dermatologists. Specializing in conditions like acne, alopecia, and rosacea, they offer comprehensive care, including psychological support and advanced treatments. Patients receive personalized, top-tier care in a welcoming environment. As part of The Dermatology Partnership, they provide cutting-edge facilities and treatments. The clinic’s central location and focus on both adult and pediatric dermatology make it an ideal choice for those seeking exceptional dermatological services in London.

London Dermatology Clinic

Skin Specialist Doctors
Address: Peek House, 20 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1EB
Phone: 020 7112 4924
Offering affordable solutions for various skin problems and conditions. They specialize in treating skin issues like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and allergies, and also provide same-day surgical procedures such as mole, cyst, wart, and skin tag removal. The clinic prides itself on its team of highly experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons, ensuring patients receive class-leading care at competitive prices. Conveniently located in Central London, the clinic is easily accessible and offers appointments on weekdays, weekends, and evenings. Their commitment to patient satisfaction is reflected in their high ratings and the trust placed in them by a diverse patient base, including celebrities and royal families.

Dr Justine Kluk

Consultant Dermatologist
Address: 25 Harley St, London W1G 9QW
Phone: 020 3733 3225
Dr. Justine Kluk’s dermatology clinic in London is renowned for its expertise in acne treatment. As a leading specialist, Dr. Kluk offers both online and personalized consultations, focusing on providing tailored solutions for all acne-related concerns. The clinic’s approach is centered on understanding individual skin needs and delivering effective, customized care. For those struggling with acne and seeking expert guidance, Dr. Justine Kluk’s clinic represents a top choice in London, known for its commitment to helping patients achieve clearer, healthier skin.

Dr Haus Dermatology

Private Dermatologist
Address: 75 Harley St, London W1G 8QL
Phone: 020 7935 6358
Dr. Haus Dermatology, located on London’s prestigious Harley Street, is a private dermatology clinic renowned for its comprehensive skin treatments. The clinic specializes in a variety of conditions, offering solutions for acne, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, and more. They are particularly noted for their non-surgical facelifts and body contouring treatments, like EmSculpt Neo. Dr. Haus and his team are celebrated for their expertise in both medical and aesthetic dermatology, providing personalized care to adults and teenagers. Their approach combines advanced technologies and expert knowledge, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of dermatological care in London.

De Felipe Dermatologist

Dermatology Clinic
Address: 4th, 100 Bond St, London W1S 1SP
Phone: 07871 328069
De Felipe Dermatology Clinic in London is a distinguished center for general dermatology, trichology, laser dermatology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as regenerative and anti-aging medicine. They excel in treating a variety of skin conditions, including acne, scars, rosacea, hair loss, age spots, hyperhidrosis, and nail fungus. The clinic is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and continuous professional development, ensuring the highest standards of care. Their multidisciplinary approach, combining various medical fields, guarantees comprehensive treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

No. 23 Skin

Medical and cosmetic dermatology
Address: 23 Ansdell St, London W8 5BN
Phone: 020 3941 1815
No.23 Skin Clinic in Kensington, London, focuses on Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology. They offer a range of treatments including dermatology consultations, mole removal, pigmentation treatment, and acne treatment. The clinic emphasizes a personalized approach, starting with a thorough diagnosis, followed by a tailored treatment plan and ongoing prevention advice. Their team of industry-leading dermatologists and skin experts work together to help patients achieve healthy, great-looking skin. The clinic’s philosophy is to make skin treatment simple and effective, ensuring end-to-end care for every patient.

Dr Anjali Mahto

Medical and cosmetic consultant dermatologist
Address: 14 Harley St, London W1G 9PQ
Phone: 020 3282 0015
Dr. Anjali Mahto, a highly respected medical and cosmetic consultant dermatologist in London’s Harley Street, offers a wide range of treatments for skin conditions and concerns. Her expertise covers acne, rosacea, moles, sun damage, pigmentation, and hyperhidrosis. Dr. Mahto’s clinic provides advanced treatments like mole removal, laser/light therapy, TCA CROSS, and microneedling, as well as anti-wrinkle injections, facial fillers, and chemical peels. Known for her bespoke and tailored approach, Dr. Mahto ensures high-quality service and patient care.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dermatology

What exactly does a dermatologist do?

A dermatologist is a medical expert specializing in diagnosing and treating skin, hair, and nail disorders. They handle a wide range of conditions, from acne to psoriasis, and perform various procedures, including skin biopsies and cosmetic surgeries.

Can dermatologists help with acne?

Absolutely! Dermatologists are experts in treating acne. They can prescribe medications, recommend skincare routines, and offer treatments like chemical peels or laser therapy to reduce acne and prevent scarring.

Is it necessary to see a dermatologist for a mole check?

Yes, it’s crucial. Dermatologists can identify potentially harmful moles and perform necessary procedures. Regular mole checks are essential for early detection of skin cancer.

How often should I visit a dermatologist?

It depends on your skin condition. For general skin health, an annual check-up is advisable. However, if you have specific skin issues or a history of skin cancer, more frequent visits may be necessary.

What are the signs I should see a dermatologist?

You should visit a dermatologist if you notice persistent skin problems like severe acne, skin growths, significant hair loss, or changes in moles. Unexplained skin changes always warrant a professional evaluation.

Can dermatologists treat hair loss?

Yes, dermatologists can treat hair loss. They can determine the cause and suggest treatments like medication, laser therapy, or scalp injections to promote hair growth.

Are dermatologist-recommended skincare products better?

Dermatologist-recommended products are often more reliable as they are based on scientific research and clinical experience. These products are typically suited for sensitive skin and specific skin conditions.

What is the difference between cosmetic and medical dermatology?

Medical dermatology focuses on diagnosing and treating skin diseases, while cosmetic dermatology aims to improve appearance. Cosmetic procedures include treatments like Botox, fillers, and laser therapy, focusing on aesthetic enhancement.

Can lifestyle changes improve skin health?

Definitely! A balanced diet, adequate hydration, sun protection, and avoiding smoking can significantly improve your skin health. Your dermatologist can provide personalized lifestyle recommendations.

What should I expect during my first dermatology appointment?

During your first visit, the dermatologist will review your medical history, examine your skin, and discuss your concerns. They may also perform diagnostic tests. The goal is to develop a tailored treatment plan for your specific skin needs.